Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Betrayal at Krondor
Autumn VS the Nazis
EPISODE 1: A Thanksgiving Story SpecialListen now (10 min) | A recklessly romantic GI risks a trip to Leavenworth Prison for a Thanksgiving Wedding.
Breaking New Narrative Ground In Midkemia
Framing the Big Picture
My parties have all the big names And I greet them with the widest smile Tell them how my life is one big adventure And always they're amazed When I…
The Linkup That Led to Betrayal at Krondor
EPISODE 2: Spirits of Christmas PastÉcoutez maintenant (15 min) | Snapshots of Christmas Past: Getting gifts in the Great Depression, a catastrophe in Sears, and a memorable Eve in a…
The Midkemia-Hallford Conspiracy
The Betrayal at Krondor Fan Film Challenge Opens March 11th!
Sometime in 1992, I’m wandering through a labyrinth of offices, trying to find my way to a first meeting with one of my team members. I’ve already been…
My Band of Brothers On BAK