Kickoff Day on FilmFreeway!

The Betrayal at Krondor Fan Film Challenge starts TODAY!

In conjunction with the June 23rd anniversary of the computer game Betrayal at Krondor, we’ve launched our Fan Film Challenge as an opportunity to fans to show off their love for their favorite RPG in an all-new way. Today marks our kickoff on FilmFreeway, the platform where people will submit their three-to-five-minute shorts for consideration to be screened during our meetup event in Eugene, Oregon, and the international online celebration that will take place on June 24th. To help set the mood, we’ve created a special video to welcome filmmakers into the fray and let them know where they can go for more information. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

(P.S. If you’re enjoying the music at the beginning, it’s a re-arrangement and re-orchestration of BAK’s main theme which I created especially for this. The lute music itself is Jan Paul Moorehead’s original song from the game.)

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