Apr 8 • 15M

EPISODE 3: And Twice On Sunday

How a regrettable confrontation with my best friend opened my eyes to cultures different from my own.

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Neal Hallford
A glance back at the colorful characters, unusual places, and sometimes strange events of a childhood lived in 1970s and 1980s Oklahoma. Featuring interviews with friends and fellow storytellers, Along the Trail will take you back to a world that’s familiar, but slowly fading away.
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For Easter, I explore how my fervent childhood devotion to Christianity led me into an ugly and profoundly regrettable confrontation with my best friend, but also opened my eyes to faiths and cultures which were very different from my own.

THE GANG - In elementary school, playing Army was what I spent most of my time doing with the kids in my cohort. (Left to right: Neal Hallford, Jim Palmer, David Guthridge, Scott Roberts. Photo by Ruth Guthridge.).