The Long And Winding Road, Part II

By the close of my junior year in high school, I’ve got an important decision to make. I’m going over the enrollment form for my final year, and I’ve ticked all the boxes for my general education requirements, but I still need to pick my electives. Journalism is an automatic choice because I love the program, and I’ve already been promised the editorship of the school magazine for my senior year. More than that, the advisor of the program is like a second mother to me. On several occasions Mrs. Schaub has gone out of her way to encourage my writing, and to see that I submit for the monthly statewide journalism awards. My second elective choice is a little harder to make. For every year since elementary school, I’ve had band as an elective, and I’ve never had any hesitation in ticking the box for it. This year, though, I’m wondering if it’s worth it.

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